Anna Lee (Анна Щукина) (ana_lee) wrote,
Anna Lee (Анна Щукина)

Seventies: hot pants


Lilla Carati

Nadia Cassini

Raquel Welch

Nadia Cassini

              Nadia Cassini, 1971                                                           Jo Ann Pflug, 1970 (M.A.S.H.)

Catherina Bach, 70s



Gabrielle Drake, 70s (TV serial "UFO")





San Francisco, 1970 - Hotpants&Hotdog                                                                 
Rafaella Carra









Jane Birkin                                                                Linda Thorson
Michelle Mercier                                                                            












Serge and Jane


Jodie Foster ("Taxi Driver")


Tags: 1970s, vintage fashion
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