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Light my Fire

Alfred Cheney Johnston Cigarette advertisement, 1933

Photo by Lillian Bassman

A model wears a three-piece suit designed by Yves Saint Laurent by Lancaster France, 1967

Models exhaling elegantly, learning proper cigarette smoking technique in practice for TV ad, 1953


Florence Vandamm, 1927

George Hoyningen-Huene, 1933

Mrs. William Wetmore wearing lame-flecked silk afternoon dress by Rose Amado, and velvet baby bonnet by Sally Victor, seated, smoking, and playing cards, 1933

Actress Elizabeth Blair by Toni Frissell, 1934

Comtesse de La Falaise by Horst P. Horst, 1934

Edward Steichen, 1934


Horst P. Horst, 1935

Horst P. Horst, 1936

Lusha Nelson, 1936

Martin Bruehl, 1937

George Lynes

Toni Frissell, 1939

H. Armstrong Roberts

Fashion model Valsa Valdes offers Dorothy Powers a light for her cigarette, Joe Coppa, 1942

John Rawlings, 1943

Toni Frissell, 1944

Genevieve Naylor, 1946

George Lynes, 1946

Genevieve Naylor, 1947

Genevieve Naylor, 1950

Evelyn Tripp models a Sheila Lynn dress and scarf near the United Nations building in New York City by Genevieve Naylor, 1950

Mary Jane Russell models a Schiaparelli yellow surah scarf by Genevieve Naylor, 1950

Alfred Saerchinger

Anne St. Marie Smoking Cigarette by Jerry Schatzberg

Horst P. Horst, 1953

Roger Prigent, 1954

Bert Stern, 1958

Movie star Tippi Hedren models a polka dot dress by Jacques Fath in the Plaza Hotel lobby by Genevieve Naylor, 1954

Peter Stackpole, 1956

German fashion model Marianne Pechan-Liedloffin poses in front of a bar wearing an elegant dress, with cigarette holder in hand., 1964

Actress Catherine Spaak by Leombruni-Bodi, 1965

Louis Faurer, 1962

Horn Griner, 1966

Uma Thurman's Mother Nena von Schlebrugge by Norman Parkinson, 1966

1965-England: This young lady has an absolute passion for cheroots. She's top U.S. fashion model Peggy Moffit, and, as to be expected, she's doing her cigar smoking in England.


Bob Richardson, 1976

Bob Stone, 1973

Kourken Pakchanian, 1973

Helmut Newton, 1975

Actor James Coburn by Zachary Freyman, 1965

Austrian Actor Helmut Berger, 1970

Baroness Edmond de Rothschild, French actress Anouk Aimee, Marie-Helene de Rothschild , and designer Coco Chanel by Adelaide de Menil, 1966

Fashion designer Liz Claiborne smoking in her work room.

Georgan Damore

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