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Simone D'Alliencourt: муза

Симона Д'Алленкур (Simone D'Alliencourt) - легендарная модель 50-60х годов, изысканная красота которой, вдохновляла таких мэтров фотографии как Уильям Кляйн, Мелвин Сокольски, Фрэнк Хорват. Прекратив сниматься, основала вместе с подругой Кристой Фидлер модельное агенство "Models International".

Simone by F.C. Gundlach

Mini, Simone D'Alliencourt, Hamburg, 1967

Berlin, 1957

Hamburg, 1966

Реклама Dupont 1961



Harper's Bazaar 1963

Simone in Kleid von Jean Barthet (Paris, 1957) by Regina Relang

Simone by Frank Horvat


Simene D'Aillancourt, in British High Fashion, 1961, London

Model Simone d’Aillencourt, in British Haute Couture with designer, 1961, London


Model Simone d’Aillencourt, in British Haute Couture with designer Hardy Amies, 1961, London

Fashion with Simone Daillancourt and Michel Horvat

 Simone D'Aillencoutt at Paris.1957, Georges Dambier

Simone by William Klein

Piazza di Spagna, Rome, Vogue, 1960 

Simone D'Aillencourt, Nina Devos, Capucci, Rome, 1960

Simone & Fellini 1963


Simone and Antonia at the hairdresser's, New York, 1961

Simone Painting Coffee, Rome 1962 

Simone and Sofia Loren, Rome, Vogue1960

Simona by
Henry Clarke (vol.2. and vol.3)


Simona by
Melvin Sokolsky

His most celebrated work; these photographs were the culmination of the fantasy era of Paris fashion. The exhibition will also feature popular images from the series as large-scale prints. Sokolsky took the ordinary and transformed it into awe-inspiring images.

Haunted by a particular image from Hieronymous Bosch's "The Garden of Delights," Sokolsky experienced a re-occurring dream in which he saw himself floating inside a bubble across exotic landscapes. Inspired, he quickly used the idea for the series. The "Bubble" was crafted to emulate a Faberge Egg, for which Sokolsky had great admiration for its design and workmanship. Complicated and unrealistic at first, he was able to realize his dream. Sokolsky commented: "With the awareness that I was prone to live in my own head much of the time, and inclined to severe self-criticism, I began to have doubts whether I could create images on film that reflected the images in my mind's eye." The "Bubble" was produced in ten days of Plexiglass and aircraft aluminum for the hinged rings. After a successful test run, Sokolsky was off to Paris to shoot the Spring Collections for Harper's Bazaar. The challenge was to position a telescopic crane at each location from which the "Bubble" would be suspended. Using his favorite model at the time, Simone d'Aillencourt, she would get into the "Bubble" that was suspended a few feet off the ground, (hinged at the top like a Faberge Egg) so that it could easily swing open for entry. After being locked in safely, and able to breathe due to the space between the hemispheres; the "Bubble" was raised into the final position. Sokolsky describes one particular event, "There were times when this choreographed dance turned into a Laurel and Hardy comedy. The morning we shot on the Seine, the "Bubble" was lowered overzealously into the water, flooding it up to Simone's ankles, and in turn ruining an important pair of designer shoes."

Turning out to be an amazing adventure for him, Sokolsky was praised and congratulated for his unconventional yet triumphant work. He had ignited the world of fashion photography with his innovative style.

"Over New York", 1965

"Bubble on the Seine", Bazaar, 1963

"With Le Dragon", Bazaar, Paris, 1963

"Roof Top Bubble", Paris, 1963

"Faces in Window", Simone d'Aillencourt, Paris, 1963

"School Yard Tree", Paris, 1963

"School Room Book", Paris, 1963

"Delvaux Street", Paris, 1963

"St. Germaine Street", Paris 1963

"Bird Cage Intrigue", Paris, 1963

"Bar Du Taxi", Paris, 1963

"Lumiere Street", Paris, 1963

"Du Taxi", Bazaar, Paris, 1963

"With Chair", Paris, 1963

"After Delvaux", 1963

"In Trees", Paris, 1963

"Time Stop Street", Paris, 1963

"Bicycle Street", Paris 1963

"Pont Alexander III, Night", Paris, 1963


















The Hong Kong based JOYCE '96 cover, photo by Gustavo Ten Hoever

Афиша единственного художественного фильма, где снялась Симона,
Анатомия мести , р.  Франсуа Ружьери, 1999

Melvin Sokolsky and Simone then and now

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