Anna Lee (Анна Щукина) (ana_lee) wrote,
Anna Lee (Анна Щукина)

Великолепная Линда. 90-е. Part 2.

Linda Evangelista

"Roughly Speaking" - Vogue US August 1994 - ph Jürgen Teller

"The Scoop On Suits" - Vogue USA, August 1994 - ph. Ellen Von Unwerth




"Campus Beat", Italian Vogue, March 1994, Photographed by Steven Meisel
with Christy Turlington, Megan Douglas




"She Was the Kind of Dame..." - Harpers Bazaar, April 1995 - ph. Peter Lindbergh

"Linda Evangelista to Board at 1800 Hrs" - Harpers Bazaar, March 1995 - ph. Lindbergh
"L.A. Afternoon" - Harper's Bazaar US May 1995 - ph Patrick Demarchelier

"Peak Performance" - Vogue US, November 1995 - ph. Knight

"On course for resort" - Harper's Bazaar US November 1996 - ph. Patrick Demarchelier

"Purple Haze" - Tattler UK September 1997 - ph. Graham Shearer

"Vogue Bellezza" - Vogue Italia May 1997 - ph Sante D'Orazio

"Style guide" - Vogue UK May 1997 - ph. Mario Testino













Tags: 1990s, editorials, models
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