Anna Lee (Анна Щукина) (ana_lee) wrote,
Anna Lee (Анна Щукина)

50-e. Volume 2.


    (Anne Fogerty's’s Guide to Chic-ness)

    CHIC begins with good taste.

    CHIC is organization plus inspiration

    CHIC is a statement of who you are and what you stand for.

    CHIC is a picture of you that says more than a thousand words.

    CHIC is bearing – the way you walk and move and sit.

    CHIC is the image you convey to others.


     CHIC is doing something for clothes rather than expecting them to do something for you.

    CHIC is appreciation of fabrics, textures, colors.

    CHIC is attention to the smallest detail.

    CHIC is selectivity and the understanding that what may be great for someone else is not necessarily for you.

    CHIC is not blind acceptance of fashion fad.

    CHIC does not depend on money.

    CHIC is classical styling with personal embellishments.

    CHIC may be looking different from everyone else or looking the same as everyone else.

    CHIC is a personal mood.

    CHIC is personal identity, immediately distinguishable.

    CHIC is a comprehension of clothes, atmosphere, and surroundings.

    CHIC is a custom-made look concocted from the assembly line of fashion.

    CHIC is Instinct plus Impulse plus Individuality.





Отдых, путешествия



















Tags: 1950s, the way we wore, vintage fashion
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