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Marguerite Sauvage: детки-конфетки

Based in Paris, France, Marguerite Sauvage has worked since 2001 as an illustrator, artist and animator creating chic modern illustrations that capture the lifestyle of today's trendsetters. Her eye-catching work is soft yet powerful, combining sophisticated European sensibilities with line-work inspired by both traditional Japanese art and contemporary Japanese culture. The result is a well-edited, light line, an eye honed to current trends in fashion, sport and design, and colorfully cosmopolitan characters rendered with a delicate hand.

Marguerite grew up in the French countryside near the small town of Coulommiers, east of Paris. She drew throughout her childhood and teenage years, particularly comics inspired by Japanese animation and European comics. A self-taught illustrator, she originally studied law and communications, and did not decide that illustration was her best means of self-expression until she graduated from University in 2001. Her name, which translates to 'daisy' in English, is indicative of her personality and her likes. She admires the strong, beautiful and feminine in life and as inspiration for her artwork. She cites the Japanese artist and animator Rumiko Takahashi as one of her main influences, saying it was Takahashi's "Lum" which inspired her to start drawing and which influenced her style of coloring in the shoulders and knees of her figures. Japan has not been her only influence, she has been inspired by travel in Thailand, Czechoslovakia Morocco and USA as well, and says everyday life is probably her biggest source of inspiration. "Happiness and anti-stress: I just want to make things prettier." she says.

While all of her finished illustration work is done on the computer, Marguerite starts with pencil sketches and transfers her drawings to the computer where she manipulates the composition and any photo elements in Photoshop before applying color digitally. Described by Computer Arts Magazine as able to "capture character with just a few simple lines, and her eye for clever graphic elements is exemplary", Marguerite�s work has been utilized in advertising, merchandise, apparel, websites, magazines, book publishing, posters, packaging, environmental graphics, social expression (greeting cards), catalogs, commercials, newspapers, retail window displays and point of purchase. She has worked with an international list of clients with past and current clients in the USA, Canada, Spain, France, Switzerland, England, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Turkey, Japan and Korea.

With illustration that is stylish yet accessible, she has been in demand with prominent advertising and corporate clients including Mattel, PlayStation 3, Apple Computers, Old Navy, MTV (France), Marshall Fields, Motorola, Orange, Telecom (France), Hewlett Packard, Urban Decay, Galleries Lafayette (France), L'Oreal/Garnier (France), Nestle, Citroen, La Perla, St. Dupont, Azzarro, Paul & Joe (France), Hard Candy, Club Med (France), Hotel Crillon (France), Christofle, John Lobb/GP Hermes, Yves Rocher and Averna (France). Her editorial and publishing clients include Elle, Flaunt, InStyle, Continental Airlines Magazine, Glamour, Fortune Small Business, Chatelaine, Max, Cosmopolitan, American Way, Natural Health, New Jersey Monthly, Senso (France), Frau (Japan), Spurluxe Magazine (Japan), Non No (Japan), and Le Figaro (France), Houghton Mifflin and Little Black Dress Books.

She has also specialized to some degree in work for families, children and teens with editorial work for Family Circle, Child, CosmoGirl!, J-17, Brio, Seventeen, Sweet 16, and Sugar, and publishing work for Scholastic, Simon & Schuster, Houghton Mifflin, Hachette (France), Lito Publications (France), France Loisir, and Flammarion (France). She is well underway illustrating new covers for the updated printing of the entire Nancy Drew series of books to be published in France (where they are called Alice). She was also selected to illustrate covers for the four existing titles of The Princess Diaries series for publication in France.

Marguerite's animation work has touched on both series and character design as well as commercial animation applications such as short films, web and commercials. Commercially she has worked with Galleries Lafayette, Cofinoga Bank, Paul and Joe, and Swarovski. She often works in conjunction with the innovative Paris animation firm, La Station Animation, and has just finished a series pilot called Monsieur Loutre. The series is an entertaining and educational program for 5 - 10 year olds with a humorous otter as the main character. Marguerite has also developed ac reative studio with friends, called M.A+, that specializes in motion design. The studio offers services and presentations for graphic design, art direction, videos, etc.

In addition to commissioned illustrations, Marguerite and her work have been featured in such edited publications as Web Design Magazine (Korea), Computer Arts (UK) and Bak Magazine (Turkey). Her work has also been covered by a number of art and design websites and blogs including clandestina, madmoizelle, drawn, progressions, illu-station and artcade.

Her work has been published in a number of books on various topics relating to art and design including The Big Book of Fashion Illustration, Anova, 2007 (UK), Traits Seduisants, Scala Editions, 2007 (France), Illustration Now, Taschen, 2006 (USA), Imagemakers, Mitchell Beazley, 2006 (UK), The Big Book of Illustration, Harper Design/Harper Collins, 2004, Worldwide Designers, 2005 (France), and Illustrations with Photoshop: A Designer's Notebook, O'Reilly Media, 2004 (USA).

Marguerite has exhibited in the USA, Japan, Korea, Switzerland and South America. Her work has been awarded and published by American Illustration 2007 and Society of Illustrators (NY) 2007, and Applied Arts (Canada) 2003.
































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