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Loulou de la Falaise: династия муз

"To find inspiration in everything can become automatic if you allow that little machine in your head to work".
Loulou de la Falais

"Her true talent is her charm (as well as) her light but intuitive approach toward fashion".
Yves Saint Laurent

Лулу де ла Фалез (Loulou de la Falaise), родилась в аристократической семье, что предрасположило её к занятию модой и искусством. Её мать, Максим де ла Фалез - знаменитая модель 1950-х, дизайнер, писатель и муза Ив Сен-Лорана и Энди Уорхола, Сесила Битона и Эльзы Скиапарелли. Так что нет ничего удивительного в том, что в 1972 году Лулу начала сотрудничать с модным домом Yves Saint Laurent, где возглавила направление аксессуаров и стала верной подругой и вдохновительницей гениального кутюрье.  Продолжая традицию, племянница Лулу - Люси де ла Фалез - стала моделью и лицом рекламных кампаний YSL. Такая вот династия муз...

Лулу де ла Фалез (Loulou de la Falaise): «Когда я впервые познакомилась с ним, мне было 21 и я плавала в бассейне в наряде Ossie Clark. Он признался позже, что ему понравилась моя легкость, женственность и налет богемности. Бетти (Betty Catroux) вдохновляла его на эксперименты с мужскими костюмами, а я - с платьями. мы провели вместе столько времени - за 30 лет многое можно успеть и у меня сохранилось множество воспоминаний - о том, как он пытался сделать каждый день красивее, поднять настроение, придумать что-нибудь... Он был моей семьей. Помню однажды мы поехали в Довилль и он был поражен содержимым моего чемодана. Мы пошли на рыбный рынок и накупили рыболовных крючков и разноцветной утвари. Он украсил всем этим мою белую футболку и получилось потрясающе. Правда, неудобно.»

Upd: Отдельно спасибо Игорю stylerunner7  за редкие материалы, которые он любезно предоставил.

Famous for: She was Yves Saint Laurent's friend, confidant and collaborator, as well as his muse, for more than thirty years: "I used to get very irritated by that term. For me, a muse is someone who looks glamorous but is quite passive, whereas I was very hard-working. I worked from 9am to sometimes 9pm, or even 2am. I certainly wasn't passive. I worked on jewellery and knitwear, on the in-between collections. Now that it's all over, I like to think there's a bit of my soul in the clothes that were designed when I was there because I was supposed to be a source of inspiration." 

Personal style: "I like blends of styles and things that have nothing to do with each other. I like surprises, things that clash, are unexpected, break unity, disrupt monotony." 

Her father was Count Alain de la Falaise, writer and translator, her mother was Maxime Birley, model, cookbook author, designer and journalist. "My mother was born into a world of art and fashion. She made it her own world and shared it with me." 

Christened - they say - with the perfume Shocking by Schiaparelli, instead of holy water, Loulou has always been rebel and unconventional: as a kid, she dreamt of being a poet and hated  clothes ("I thought skirts were pathetic"). 

She was expelled from three private schools - in Sussex, in Switzerland and in New York - for insubordination. In New York, she met Diane Vreeland, editor-in-chief at Vogue, who hired her as a model, but she didn't like the job. Back to London, she started working as junior fashion editor at Queen magazine. In 1968 she met Yes Saint Laurent for the first time.

Back to New York, she became one of the protagonists of the night life at the time of the Studio 54: her friends were Marisa and Berry Berenson, Robert Mapplethorpe and Paloma Picasso; she worked for Halston and Giorgio Sant'Angelo for some time.

The collaboration with Yves Saint Laurent started in 1972 and lasted thirty years, until his retirement: "We had lots of fun together, and he must have liked what I did with clothes because one day he asked me to work with him [designing jewelry and accessories]. Then every day I would invent a new way of wearing the same clothes or use things gathered from the flea market … trying to be an inspiration to him, the studio, and myself." Loulou says.

She adds: "I became his right hand. He never did anything without me, but I kept the atmosphere light. If he acted neurotic, I'd say, 'Don't be so silly.' I thought, 'Nobody's going to have fun in clothes if you don't enjoy making them.'"

She shared the role of muse for Yves Saint Laurent with the enigmatic Betty Catroux: "The truth is that what Yves found attractive in me was the fantasy, over-the-top bedecked look. Betty Catroux was the one who inspired all of his mannish looks; I've always been the gypsy influence."

In the 70s she posed for Helmut Newton: her black and white portraits in front of a mirror were included in the volume White Women.

She is always sitting with Betty Catroux in the front row at Yves Saint Laurent's fashion shows. Of the current designer of the Parisian maison, she says: "I think Pilati has been a genius to make styles and collections simpler and to reinvent the proportions of the clothes and some volumes. In his pret-a-porter collections, the key items of Yves Saint Laurent's style are never missing: the black leather, the trench coat." The Resort 2010 collection, where bright colors and jewelry made of semiprecious stones and shells are dominant, has been actually inspired to her style.

Never leaves home without: "My passport and my independence." In public: She sticks to her trademark style, and adapts it to the occasion. She wears pants most of the time - made of velvet, shantung or silk - and pairs them to satin tops in bright colors, chiffon blouses, simple black sweaters, printed or brocade jackets. She likes experimenting with different patterns, wearing, for example, striped pants and a Madras blazer with a classic white shirt. In private: "I like to wear things that are comfy but pretty. I don't think just because one is at home one should be scruffy." Shoes : High heels most of the time - sandals in bright colors, pumps or ankle boots. Among her favorite designers, Christian Louboutin and Roger Vivier. Hair: Short, artfully messy, dark blonde. Jewelry: She mainly wears bracelets and necklaces, often multi-stranded and made of semiprecious stones, with a multiethnic vibe. She never wears jewelry in private because "I do a lot of gardening so I wouldn't want my jewellery to get caught on the plants." The most precious piece of her collection is a pair of emerald earrings: "My grandmother gave me for my 18th birthday and I still wear them."

Ожерелье из коллекции Loulou de la Falais

Fashion tip: "To have style, you have to strike a note of surprise: bring together unlikely elements, such as a country sweater with a diamond necklace or a tennis-striped pantsuit with a delicate pale-pink brooch." Favorite dress: She's very fond of some clothes inherited from her grandmother: "I've got lots of clothes from my grandmother. She used to buy fabric in India and get Schiaparelli to make stuff up for her in the 1930s. I wore those things a lot but now I'm careful as clothes can suddenly turn into dust. My daughter has got her eye on them, so they're about to hit their fourth generation." Favorite designers: Yves Saint Laurent, Olivier Theyskens, Michel Klein, Hedi Slimane. Favorite music: Classic rock. Among her favorite songs, (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones. Favorite food: "At home I cook. In the summer it's basil, tomatoes, goat cheese. I like very clean tastes - maybe that's why I don't gain weight. At weekends I make roasts, marinated chicken with tons of rosemary, and curries, as my daughter loves curry." Favorite drink: Champagne. Favorite movies: La notte by Michelangelo Antonioni, Beauty and the Beast by Jean Cocteau.  Favorite actress/actor: Meryl Streep, Richard Gere. Favorite books: The books by Bruce Chatwin, "Because reading him is like travelling." Motto: "Keep moving."  Bad habits: "I am not tidy enough."  She loves: Cooking, gardening, spending time with her family and friends. She is obsessed with: Dancing: "I like to dance - rock'n'roll, usually. It's very good for the body." First thing in the morning: She reads a bit, gets up and makes tea. Last thing before bed: "I have trouble getting to sleep. I read, then turn off the lights, then I get an idea and I go to my drawing pad." We like her because: She hasn't let time tame her, but has evolved along with her own style: "I never think much of my age, I just get dressed and wear things that suit me at the moment."

source Vogue Italia

Vogue USA March 1992 (за сканы спасибо stylerunner7)

13th September 1969 French designer Yves Saint-Laurent poses with two fashion models, Betty Calroux  and Loulou de la Falaise, outside Rive Gauche, his new London boutique




Loulou by Helmut Newton

Loulou by Helmut Newton




Paloma Picasso, Marisa Berenson, Loulou de la Falaise

Lou Lou de la Falaise, Yves Saint Laurent, and Bianca Jagger at Lou Lou de la Falaise's wedding reception July 1977




Vogue US, 1970
Photographer: Richard Avedon

Vogue US, 1970
Photographer: David Bailey

Edwige et Loulou de la Falaise, Le Palace 1978

Harper's Bazaar, март 2010







Loulou and her daughter Lucie de la Falais

Династия муз

Максим де ла Фалез (Maxie de la Falaise) - мать Лулу



Люси де ла Фалез (Lucie de la Falais)  и Даниэль де ла Фалез (Daniel de la Falais)  - племянники Лулу

New York agazine - March 15, 1993


Vogue Italia, 1992, photographed by Steven Meisel

Люси с братом Даниелем




Loulou de la Falaise - биографическая статья в Википедии (англ.)

60 Seconds: Loulou de la Falaise

Loulou de la Falaise, Yves Saint-Laurent's muse - video

Loulou de la Falaise, the famous muse to designer Yves Saint-Laurent, delivers colorfully creative jewelry, fashion and accessories straight from Paris.

Maxime de la Falaise - биографическая статья в Википедии (англ.)

Maxime de la Falaise

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