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Movie Cats by Susan Herbert

A gallery of cats painted as movie stars, full of charm and humor.

Susan Herbert's innovative and witty feline renderings of cats in human situations, from Shakespearean drama to masterpieces of Western art, have won her a large and admiring public. Now she draws on her lifelong fascination with the movies to give us a series of scenes from classic films—all with cats playing the leading roles.

Painting in her familiar and highly popular style, she presents an irresistible array of well-known characters, from the silent films of the 1920s through big-budget musicals and the lure of the Wild West to contemporary hit films. Here are flirting, dancing, detecting, and menacing cats: a beguiling flower seller in Covent Garden, a seductive older woman and a young graduate, a hard-boiled private eye with a falcon…. 57 illustrations, 27 in color.

Moggy Dearest

SSex Kitten

Soggy Moggy

Wonderful Whiskers of Oz

The Sound of the Mouse-Trapp Family

'Diamond flea collars are a cat's best friend.'

'Everything Feline in America'


Ben Purr

Paw Prints of Arabia

Feline Kane

Cat-nipped at the waist

At the dance with Scarlett O'Hairball

Rebel with Four Paws

An Alfred Hitchcat masterpiece

Pussyfooting around


All Quiet on the Kitten Front

scanned by me

Не знаю из какой книги эти кошки, но очень похожи на известных киногероев - так что тоже ставлю







Susan's first book was a collection of 16 masterpieces reworked with cats. It was published in 1990 under the title of "A Cats Gallery of Art" by Thames and Hudson. The book was very well received and she was encouraged to work on more.
For her latest book of cats in costume, Susan Herbert turns from masterpieces of the fine arts to the masterpieces of Shakespeare. Painting in her familiar and highly popular style, this imaginative artist presents an irresistible array of well-known characters in the great Shakespearean plays, from the tragic Romeo and Juliet, to the mischievous Titania; from the beautiful Cleopatra to the roguish Falstaff. In thirty-two entrancing paintings, Susan Herbert opens up an unsuspected world of Shakespeare interpreted by cats with all their winning ways. Her many devoted admirers will find this new collection full of the charm, humor and sensitivity of her earlier books; and newcomers to her art will be surprised and enchanted by the finesse she brings to her latest portrait-gallety of cats in unusual guises.

Born in 1945, Susan Herbert did not undergo any formal artistic training before embarking on a career as an artist. Her first job was working at the box office for the Royal Shakespeare Company and during this time, described by Susan Herbert as filled with 'hideous part-time jobs', she used her spare moments to draw and paint as often as she could.

Susan Herbert's only period of artistic guidance came in 1973 when she gained a place at Oxford and studied for a term at the Ruskin School. Although now famous for her witty anthropomorphic cats, her early work contained rodents as the subject matter. The creatures were often illustrated on storyboards depicting scenes from operas and Shakespeare's plays.

In 1990, following fifteen years of hard work and limited success, Thames and Hudson produced The Cats Gallery of Art which was a publishing phenomenon. She is now a leading and prolific cat artist, with nine books in print:

1990 Cats Gallery of Art
1991 The Diary of a Victorian Cat
1992 Impressionist Cats
1994 The Cats History of Western Art
1995 Medieval Cats
1996 Shakespeare Cats
1997 Opera Cats
1999 Pre-Raphaelite Cats
2006 Movie Cats


Альбомы Susan Herbert на amazon

Много разных котэ Susan Herbert тут и тут и тут

Susan Herbert. Medieval Cats

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