August 26th, 2008

Sam Vinhyl

Having decided that the adventures of his hero Lucky Luke were short on action, 5 year old Sam grabbed his pencils and proceeded to make some bloody adjustments in the margins of his favorite albums. Although this initiative was the object of some rather serious debates with his parents, the habit of drawing in the margins would never leave him.

So it was, at the age of 14, that Sam, bored with such little room to express himself, decided to move his art to the entire page, during a math exam. Considering the great succes his comic strip about the math teacher had with his friends and their parents (not so much with the teaching staff!), Sam undertook to generalize the process. A vocation was born! 

Later "Get your A levels first!" Sam joined the Camondo School of Art in Paris, to graduate as a Designer and Interior Architect. During the same period, he began to draw regularly for the Press. Over the years, his creative background and Designer profile have allowed him to navigate successively within the areas of Design and the Medias.

Today, the time of margins is over, Sam uses his talent on the full page, for the Press and in Advertising on an international level.

Upd: I just want to say 'Thanks' to samvinhyl for his really nice message:)

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John Rawlings: реалист

Приглашение американского фотографа Джона Роулингса (John Rawlings) присоединиться к команде Vogue  в 1936 году определенно было одним из лучших стратегических шагов издательства Conde Nast. В то время в модной фотографии царила пышность, претенциозность и театральное освещение, подпитываемые европейской школой и подражаниями британцу Сесилу Битону, немцу Хорсту П. Хорсту и рускому барону Георгу Гойнингену-Гюне. Наст и главный редактор Vogue Эдна Вулман Чейз решили, что необходимы перемены и поставили на талантливого, но совершенно не известного 24-летнего уроженца Огайо.


In two memos sent by Chase, one to her staff in 1937 and another to the photographers in 1938, she demanded more information and less art in Vogue pictures: "Several of the photographs for September fifteenth are nothing but black smudges," she wrote in the second. "Concentrate completely on showing the dress, light it for this purpose and if that can't be done with art then art be damned. Show the dress. This is an order straight from the boss's mouth and will you please have it typed and hung in the studio".

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