January 6th, 2009

Fashionista Glossary

Fashionista Glossary (from fashionista.com)

Sometimes, we forget that not everyone knows which Kate we mean when it comes to Moss, Lanphear, Schelter or Young, or who they even are. And sometimes, we make up words and talk about obscure fashion mags and people you may have never heard of. So we're sorry and we're making it up to you. Welcome to the Fashionista Glossary. Get your word on.

Agent Provocateur
The UK's answer to Victoria's Secret, but more expensive and cooler, because it's British. Founded by Joe Corre, Vivienne Westwood's son. Close to Fashionista's heart post-Faran & Britt debut in Fall 08.

Agyness Deyn [AG-niss deen]
British model—maybe super—best friend of Henry Holland and girlfriend of Stroke Albert Hammond, Jr. Born Laura Hollins, modeled for Burberry, Armani, Hugo Boss, frequent Vogue cover girl, Pirelli calendar girl, and ubiquitous party girl.

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