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Rene Robert Bouché. Fashion

"My style may be described as a kind of loving criticism" - Rene Bouché, 1959

О художнике здесь

Photograph of Bouché by Richard Avedon.

Opening of "Only in New York" at the Museum of the City of New York

Rene Robert Bouché a fashion illustrator works in stages from "A Complete Guide to Drawing", Simon & Schuster New York 1948.


Jacques Fath 1949; Cristóbal Balenciaga, Lanvin Evening Gown 1939

Mainbocher Chanel 1939 Evening gown;  Jeanne Lanvin 1939

1938 Summer Dresses Rouff Rochas Schiaparelli Molyneux

1959; 1954

Marella Agnelli at Villa La Leopolda on the French Riviera by René Bouché, July 1957

Chanel 1959

Schiaparelli 1945 The Talleyrand New Silhouette

1955 Rudolf & Henry Bernstein, Evening Coats Venetian Colours


1959 Frances Denney Lipstick Hat by Irene and Braagaard

1945 Balenciaga Balmain Lelong Fashion Evening Gown










1939 Jeanne Lanvin, Marcel Rochas & Worth, Hotel Ritz

Givenchy 1957

Ben Gaynes 1954

Larsen & Kriegck 1938 Lanvin & O'Rossen (Men's Fashion)

René Bouché 1938 Lanvin Molyneux Schiaparelli

Maggy Rouff 1938 Schiaparelli Lanvin Piguet

Worth [Couture], Francevramant [Couture], Bruyère [Couture], Gaston [Couture] 1939

Balenciaga 1939 Evening Gown ; Maggy Rouff 1939 Evening Gown

1954 Body Georgia Kaye, Heatherlane Bathing suit

1955 Christian Dior, Hubert de Givenchy; 1955 Christian Dior, Jacques Heim Evening Gown

Jean Dessès & Cristóbal Balenciaga 1955

Balenciaga-Givenchy Editorial - Rene Bouche Illustrations 1962

Fashion Editorial-Herbert Matter-Clifford Coffin-Rene Bouche Illustrations1949

Frances McLaughlin Fashion Editorial - Rene Bouche Illustration



Night blue-the nothing dress, all slithery sequins. Fashion poetry. René Bouché from Vogue September 1960.

Balenciaga Black and Green Dress



Vogue July 1955

The Week-Enders, Vogue 1954


Эскиз Рене Буше костюма принцессы Александры (Грейс Келли) в фильме "Лебедь" (The Swan) 1956








Anjou 1944 Devastating; Hattie Carnegie 1944

1938 Hermès Swimwear, Henry A La Pensée, Cédric; Charles of the Ritz 1954

Saks Fifth Avenue 1945

Elizabeth Arden 1952

Ascott (Shoes) 1938

Elizabeth Arden 1947; Elizabeth Arden (Cosmetics) 1949



Boucheron (Jewels) 1939 Clip, Bracelet, Ring Art Deco


Schweppes Ad


Vita-Ray (Cosmetics) 1942

De Beers Diamonds Honeymoon, Rene Bouche, 1948; French Line


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