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Victor Stiebel. Evening Dresses. Sketch Books 1960-63


South African born Stiebel (1907-1976) originally moved to England to study architecture in Cambridge in 1924 where he designed the décor and costumes for the Footlights Review. In 1929, after advice from Norman Hartnell, he went to train with the court dressmaker Reville & Rossiter and in 1932 opened his own business in 21 Bruton Street, Mayfair. In 1940 he closed his house and signed up for the Camouflage Corps in the army but in 1946 joined Jacqmar of Grosvenor Street as Director of Couture, before opening his own business again in Cavendish Square in 1958. His clients were drawn from the royal family (including Princess Margaret) and the aristocracy, but he also had an international reputation and dressed stars like Katherine Hepburn and Vivien Leigh. He was a founder member of the Incorporated Society of London Fashion Designers, serving as Chairman and Vice Chairman.

Victor Stiebel by Cecil Beaton, 1946


Глава "Gilded Brocade Gowns and Impeccable Tailored Tweeds: Victor Stiebel (1907-76) a Quintessentially English Designer"  Эми де ла Хей (Amy de la Haye) из книги "The Englishness of English dress" (Christopher Breward, Becky Conekin and Caroline Cox, Oxford : Berg, 2002).






Wedding dresses






































































ЕЩЕ: Victor Stiebel. Cocktail Dresses. Sketch Books 1960-63

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