Anna Lee (Анна Щукина) (ana_lee) wrote,
Anna Lee (Анна Щукина)

Cher by Avedon: 8 editorials

Cher by Richard Avedon
8 editorials for Vogue

US Vogue April 1, 1972
New Won't Wait for Summer...Cher



US Vogue November 15, 1969
Fashion To Enjoy - The Price Is Right, The Girl Is Cher

US Vogue September 1974
Big Time Glamour

US Vogue June 1974
The Top Tops For Summer... Worn by Cher

US Vogue December 1974
60 Years of Cher
Hair & Makeup Ara Gallant



US Vogue August 15, 1970
Cher-Okee In Indian Country
Models Cher & Maurice Hogenboom

US Vogue December 1972
The Sexy Side of Sonny & Cher
Models Sonny & Cher

US Vogue November 15, 1966
Cher: Sans Sonny - A Solo Flip In the Making


Tags: 1970s, 1980s, photographers, vogue, дивы
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