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Henry Clarke. Last part.

Balenciaga, 1953


Model in a Ben Hershel, three-part worsted wool jersey suit in pink heather with yellow gloves and red shoes, sitting next to a Great Dane, 1958

Sisters Mme. Stavros Niarchos, in Dior dress, and Mme. Aristotle Onassis in Desses dress, 1956

 Posed with dog, model wearing blond-beige two button suit with mink collar, loosely buttoned over silk blouse, by Paul Parness.

: Seated model lighting a cigarette and wearing a tortoise-green Glen plaid wool suit by Paul Parnes.

 Principessa Luciana Pignatelli leaning backward, wearing wide-legged pants (elephant pants), and colored stones (from Tiziani Boutique) meshed to create a wide collar necklace, deep cuffs at each wrist, and tube top; hair very full and long by Alba & Francesca of Rome, 1966

Model in Chanel Skirt Suit Smoking Cigarette, 1955

Model wearing Chinese-style wrap-front silk jacket over sheath dress, with jet tiara, all by Dior, 1955

Model in Floral Evening Gown by Jacques Fath, 1954

Model wearing Griffe collarless panama coat with double buttons at waist, with straw hat and black gloves, 1954

Model standing on terrace of the Chinese Palace in the park at La Favorita wearing green linen close-bodied, soft-bosomed dress, 1955

Model wearing calico shirt in a Punjab print, broomstick-pleated sleeves, black-etched shorts with flat turn-back pockets of cotton herringbone twill, 1952

Model Wearing Balenciaga Double-Breasted Mandarin Collar Coat, 1955

Model Wearing Christian Dior Feather Casque Cap, 1955

Model wearing dress of paper taffeta with scooped neckline and sashed waist in Patou's leaf print. Worn with pale blue coat of gathered taffeta with narrow neckband and huge sleeves, 1955

Model wearing Balenciaga's short sleeved evening dress; in a beautiful new combination blond with azure, a black hat, and a dazzle of diamonds by Van Cleef & Arpels, 1953

Christian Dior with Model Renee, 1957 

 Model wearing tweed sheath dress with fly-front closing, hat, gloves, and high-tongued opera pumps, all by Dior, 1955

Model standing in front of fountain, wearing single-breasted tweed suit with caracul collar and holding hat, both by Fath, 1955

Woman Modelling Dior Outfit, 1955

Model Wearing Balenciaga Tweed Coat, 1954

Model wearing Spanish suit-collar, a lightly fitted suite with large white collar, by Pertegaz, flanked by two bullfighters, 1954

Model Wearing Balenciaga Checker Patterned Suit, 1954

Claudette Colbert Modeling Satin Dress, 1959

Model wearing mink coat and pleated, belted dress, both by Dior, with hat and pearls, 1952

 Pamela Churchill (aka Digby, Hayward, Harriman), drink in hand, wearing printed black silk blouse at Corviglia Club in St. Moritz, Switzerland, 1952

Philippe and Millicent Fenwick, 1951

Actress Leslie Caron Petting Dalmatian, 1967

Senora Antonio Mayrink Veiga wearing one-shouldered shift of white silk crepe by Larry Aldrich; large ring by Jack Gilbert; on a Rio de Janeiro street during Carnival, 1965

Actors Richard Burton (wearing white turtleneck and slacks) and Elizabeth Taylor (wearing caftan from Givenchy boutique), seated and lounging and playing gin while on vacation at La Fiorentina, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, 1967

 Veruschka, walking with two dogs in the Borghese Gardens of Rome, wearing a light suede vest and short shorts with a dark shirt and leather belts by Gucci, a wide-brimmed black straw hat by Remo Argenti, and knee-high black leather boots by Mario Valentino, and holding a large shoulder bag and travel bag by Gucci, 1971

Bullfighter Conchita Cintron wearing jacket, white shirt, striped tie, and derby, riding a white horse, 1968

James Coburn in Pants and Pique Shirt by Bill Blass, 1968

: Actor James Coburn wearing terry 'guru shirt' with upturned collar and pale linen pants, both by Bill Blass for P.B.M., and pale slouch hat with dark band, 1968

 Valentino in the library of his apartment in Rome, wearing a caftan he designed, seated on a couch with zebra print pillows, 1970

 Model in Niwas Palace, Udaipur, India, wearing print tent dress in pink and purple print, by Trigere.

Gayle Hunnicutt reclining in a tree with a long side-cut Berber-blue caftan by Tina for St. Cloud, necklace by Vince Pasacane, cuffs by Bergere, espadrilles from I. Miller.

Sitting on a donkey backwards in Spain, model is wearing a gypsy style dress in cotton of many colors and patterns. Donald Brooks.

 Model riding a donkey in Spain wearing claret velvet trousers with wide legs, a white satin gypsy blouse with gathered voluminous sleeves, both by Anne Klein; a printed scarf and a burgundy Goucho felt hat by Cerruti.

Barbara Leigh leaning on a Kyote II Dune Buggy in a long red shirt and short shorts by Melba Hobson for Tannerway, Ruza Creations choker, Bucherer gold ear-loops, I Miller espadrilles, hair by William Escalera.

Model posing under tree wearing pajamas with bright green and yellow print on silk chiffon by Ken Scott and tropical jewelry by Coppola & Toppo, 1965

 Maite de Soto Domecq wearing her hair up beneath a striped scarf and the traditional hat of Cordoba in a scarlet red. Her suit is a dark-red fake oilcloth suit by Jerson with a white turtleneck beneath.

Model in Byzantine chapel in Turkey wearing gold and silver lace small-bodiced dress by Pat Sandler, 1966

: Like a cat on a Spanish tile roof, model posing in a little black matte jersey wrap dress with long tight sleeves that bloom at the cuffs and a long skinny tie that nearly reaches the ground, by Joel Schumacher for Paraphenelia. Around her neck is a oversized gold cross on a belly length chain by Sant' Angelo and in her hand she is dragging a shawl by Larry Reiter, 1969

: Model in orange and yellow striped outfit of a tunic and tights by Ferro, 1967

 Model Marisa Berenson in cowled pink caftan with jeweled bands down front by Valentino with pearly ring by Gripoi, 1967

Model, head tilted back and eyes closed, face tinted in gold and framed by the hood of natural Russian Crown sable. Necklace by Trifari, 1963

: Model posing outside wearing evening dress by Galanos in harlequin printed silk of blue, red, white, and pink with matching over sheath, 1965

: Model standing among the giant Doric pillars of Segesta, in Sicily, wearing white crepe culottes edged in feathers by Teal Traina, 1967

A model at the Codz Poop, wearing transparent tailored shirt of purple voile with a pailletted silver kilt reflecting silver sandals, by Ginori.  Kabah, Mexico, 1968

Model in Goreme, Turkey, wearing bright yellow dress with yellow and white striped side panels by Leslie Fay, 1966

Model in Turkish ruin wearing gold lame dress with lucite collar by Emmanuelle Khan. Nemrut Mountain National Park, Turkey, 1966

Model on limestone cliffs at Pamukkale, Turkey, wearing white-crepe wide pants and shirt ensemble by Ellen Brooke for Sportswear Couture, 1966

Mrs. Anthony Nutting (formerly Anne Gunning) wearing dress by Sybil Connolly, 1962

ca. 1971 - Close-up of actress Carrie Snodgress, pulling on hair.

Maria Shriver as a teenager sitting amongst her stuffed animals, wearing a red and white dress from Ungaro, 1969

Model in Sardinia wearing floral print nylon jersey full-cut dress from Ken Scott, 1967

Model Marisa Berenson standing on rocky Sardinian coastline, wearing polyester chiffon print romper, in green with pink and blue accents, and flower head band in yellow and orange, 1967

Model Marisa Berenson seated on rock on Sardinian coast, wearing pale pink lingerie and flowers and ribbons in the hair, 1967

Model in the Rajasthan region of India wearing a striped caftan clasped over bare skin and wide pants, by Ken Scott, 1967

Model standing among the sculpture figurines of the Villa Palagonia, in Bagheria, Sicily, wearing two dresses; one short slippy one, banded with silver beads; and the matching toga on top, flowing to floor with high slit; both by Sarmi, 1967

Model, posed between sculptural figures at the Villa Palagonia in Bagheria, Sicily, wearing a blue toga, banded in brilliants, over a matching, full-legged jumpsuit by Malcolm Starr, hair by Alexandre of Pari, 1967

Posed against the walls of Chichen-Itza's Warrior Temple, model wearing translucent pajamas, flecked with sari-gold, by Murray Nieman, 1967

Model Barbara Bach, sitting on stone and tile wall of Castello San'Nicola outside of Palermo, Italy, wearing a red dress by Oscar de La Renta woven with green and white floral motif, 1967

Photographed at Monte Alban in Oaxaca, model wearing a blaze of flowers printed in flamboyant colors on a silk organza tunic, over a jump suit of avocado silk. Belted in gilt, turquoise, and jade stones, 1968

Standing on fuchsia cushions in front of Castle of the Golden Crowns apartments in Sitges, Spain, a model wears a black velour polo shirt dress with a white leather belt that wraps around the waist twice and red chop sticks sticking out of her braids. Dress by Michael Mott for Paraphernalia, 1969

Model on cliffs in Pamukkale, Turkey, wearing long-sleeved full-length silver sequined dress by Anne Fogarty, 1966

Model poised between the sculpture of the Villa Palagonia, Bagheria, Sicily; wearing a dress with glitter bodice, long sapphire skirt, glitter bikini panties showing through, all by Pat Sandle, 1967

: Model wearing high-waisted, wide-legged pajamas by Emilio Pucci; coiffure by Franco of Femme Sistina, 1968

Rory Davis sitting against window in mini dress, textured stockings, and mid-calf buckle-front boots, 1967

 Mme. Bernard Francois-Poncet on outside steps in Chanel tweed knee-length coat, white turtleneck, and knee-high boots, 1967

Jaime Ostos Bullfighting, 1967

Jaime Ostos Being Dressed for Bullfight, 1967

Eunice Shriver (aka Eunice Kennedy) playing tennis at the Tennis Club de Paris, 1969

Model wearing a belted Valentino wool coat with Positano foulard design, high collar, and wide-brimmed hat, walking by the Arch of Constantine in Italy, 1970

Mrs. Dillon Moseley, assistant Paris editor of THE PARIS REVIEW, wearing sleeveless Nina Ricci dress, on board the S.S. 'France' with ship attendant, 1962

Nutritionist Adelle Davis Drinking Milk, 1971

Actress Tina Aumont (daughter of Jean-Pierre Aumont and Maria Montez) in profile and leaning backwards, wearing coat with tiny peplum and patch pockets by Mila Schoen; coiffure by Alba and Francesca of Rome, 1968

Vogue correspondent Mary Russell, hailing a cab, and wearing a short dark jacket, belted wool vest and pants by Yves Saint Laurent, with a white knit cap, 1973

Actress Sophia Loren wearing an off-white shantung suit, plaid shirt and holding a Fendi shoulderbag, 1972

Mme. Jean Claude Abreu, wearing Goma Collection dress with pleated skirt and Charles Jourdan shoes, on board the S.S. 'France', 1962

Spanish Matador Luis Miguel Dominguin with Mascot Marcellino

Model Veruschka wearing translucent 'pajamas' made of white nylon cloque (by Jack Winter); large beaded dangle earrings by Castlecliff, 1965

Princess Teresa zu Furstenberg wearing a grey flannel pants and long coat with large square belt buckle, exiting a helicopter in Switzerland, 1972

Princess Teresa zu Furstenberg with her eldest daughter, Nina, surrounded by fur, in their St. Moritz chalet, 1972

Canadian ballerina Sheron Rathscheck, left, wearing leather vest with butterfly applique by Daniel Hechter, with lambskin trousers by MacDouglas, and Diane de Monbrison wearing suede shorts and shirt with Indian-head applique, by Daniel Hechter, both wear boots by Maud Frizon, and are at La Chartreuse de Bonpas near Avignon, 1971

Model on the steps of the Quirinale Square in Rome, wearing wrap coat over print dress by Caumont, wide-brimmed hat by Canessa, and Sebastian shoes, 1971

 Actress Daniela Bianchi ('Bond girl' in From Russia With Love) standing next to a bed with tall, floral-printed bedstead, wearing printed sleep sari by Galitzine for Van Raalte of Italy, 1965

Actress Tina Aumont (daughter of Jean-Pierre and Maria Montez) standing in a doorway and wearing calf-length, velvet-collared, checked hacking jacket and straight-leg pants by Ognibene Zendman; shoes by Mario Valentino; coiffure by Alba and Francesca of Rome, 1968

Vogue correspondent, Mary Russell, laughing with Yves Saint Laurent, wearing a shiny blouse with low, rounded collar and black pants by Yves Saint Laurent, 1973

Eunice Shriver (aka Eunice Kennedy) seated next to Dr. Frank Hayden, consultant for the Kennedy Foundation, watching a sports demonstration in Paris, 1969

 Actress Elizabeth Taylor and five-year-old daughter, Maria Burton (daughter of Mike Todd), lying face-to-face on canopied bed, while on vacation at La Fiorentina, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, 1967

Mme. Philippe Leroy inside the Villa Lante della Rovere (designed by Vignola), wearing striped soutane dress with row of many small buttons down the front, and pale-colored patent leather shoes, by Tiziani; pigtails by Alba & Francesca of Rome; Bagnaia, Italy, 1966

Mme. Philippe Leroy sitting on the floor inside the Villa Lante della Rovere, wearing lam? zig-zag patterned dress with pointed hem and wrists, designed by Mila Schoen; shoes by Varese High Fashions; two ponytails on one side and several twisted knots by Alba & Francesca of Rome, 1966

 Principessa Luciana Pignatelli wearing ultrawide-legged black silk pants (elephant pants), and black-and-white top, both from Valentino; pearl earrings, and bracelet and toe-rings of large jet balls by Coppola & Toppo; hair long and full by Alba & Francesca of Rome, 1966

Princess Ira von Furstenberg reclining on pillows in Ungaro outfit of striped jacket, matching pullover, and dark pants, 1967

Prince Alessandro Ruspoli in Lotus Position, 1964

Dolores Astor, also known as the Honorable Mrs. John Jacob Astor, is wearing riding clothes and a hat from the French Camargue and sitting on a stone wall, overlooking the grounds of Hatley Park, the Astor family estate, in Bedfordshire, England, 1968

Singer Felicia Bernstein at Home, 1960

Diane de Monbrison wearing a short tunic dress with rolled collar, wide suede belt with double buckles, Nicolas Harle high suede boots with straps, a suede coat by MacDouglas, hat by Jean Charles Brosseau, and a large medallion on a necklace, 1970

Stella Astor, daughter of the Honourable Mr. and Mrs. John Jacob Astor, wearing a paisley dress and petting a horse on the grounds of the family estate at Hatley Park in Bedfordshire, England, 1968

Principessa Luciana Pignatelli wearing black-and-white square and circle-patterned pants and halter top, from Naka; large op-art square earrings by Naka; black-and-white patent leather shoes by Eugenia of Florence; hair pulled back into a ponytail by Alba & Francesca of Rome, 1966

Female model wearing check wool tweed dress and fringed scarf and male model wearing gabardine and suede jacket with a tweed hat standing before group gathered with hounds for fox hunt at Raymond Stovold's Eashing Farms in England, with Janet Stovold on horseback in center wearing a dark hunting coat, 1959

Male model wearing silk shirt and wool crepe trousers, belt with M-buckle, and ribbed sweater by Mila Schoen, photographed at the Caff? Rosati on Rome's Piazza del Popolo, 1971

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Bernstein, wearing black dress with full skirt and pearls, backstage at Carnegie Hall, in their concert attire, 1966

 Ana Maria de Moraes Barros wearing sleeveless white lace dress with fitted waist (by Jane Derby), dancing on a Rio de Janeiro street during Carnival; joined by the Copacabana Palace Hotel's band, the Seven Moderns, 1965

: The Countess of Quintanilla, of Spain, wearing a dress by Pedro Rodriguez, with friends at El Duende, the great flamenco 'tablao' in Madrid, 1963

Princess Ira von Furstenberg, kneeling on a fur-covered sofa, wearing an open-backed vest and matching pants in gold leather embroidered with black triangles and a shiny black kid seam, by Ungaro, 1967

Eunice Mary Shriver with Her Children in Tuileries Gardens, 1969

Baroness Fiona Thyssen-Bornemisza resting on a carved rosewood couch, wearing jersey trousers with one black and one white leg and jersey pullover with black and white harlequin pattern, designed by Galitzine; shoes by Lucarelli; earrings by Petochi; in Contessa Volpi di Misurata's Roman palazzo, 1965

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